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feeling just a little bit closer to God.

feeling just a little bit closer to God.


Communion weekends hold a special place in my heart.

My camera just loves photographing the little brides of Jesus. And even though I no longer go to Catholic church, watching the Communicants in their dresses and suits, solemnly lining up two by two, with hands clasped in reverent prayer reminds me of growing up Catholic on Chicago’s South Side. Of rosaries and little white purses. Of parties with potato salad and old aunts. Of not really knowing what commitment to Jesus you just made, but that it was very, very grown up. And very, very important.


I had the good fortune of meeting and photographing Tori a couple weeks ago. I made it to the service and then photographed her outside of church and during their family party. She was an awesome subject to photograph. Mature beyond her years, but just silly enough to enjoy being the guest of honor that day. When the wind swirled around the courtyard, lifting her veil and dress higher than was proper, Tori took it all in stride. We caught some great images in between the gusty breeze and this lovely young lady will have photographs that I hope she will love for her entire lifetime.


The family party was warm and welcoming; the kind where you are able to talk and hang around with a group of strangers, and still feel very much at home. I found out that Megan, Tori’s mom, had lost her own mom just a few short years ago. She had personalized candles around the banquet room that had a photo of her mom and dad holding baby Tori on them. We had a chance to chat for a few minutes, and Megan was certain that her mom was positively beaming down on the family that day.Image

Just before I left, Megan carefully removed the veil from Tori’s head so she could have more freedom to jump around and enjoy her cousins and friends at the party. It looked very much like weddings I have photographed and I said to Megan, “Just think, the next time you will need to do this is at her wedding!” Megan laughed, nodded her head and agreed.

And before we knew it, Tori was off and running.

new beginnings.


I made a leap of faith this past month.

My friend Kim McAuliffe owns An English Garden florist in Mokena.

It’s in a fabulous old house on Front Street, the main street in our “downtown.” She advertised that she was renting out her upstairs, and knowing her reputation for crazy goodness and knowing everyone in town, it was a fairly easy decision to make.

So in three weeks time, I got interviewed for an amazing story by Will O’Brien of the Mokena Messenger. I spent a lot of time at IKEA,¬†moved my stuff in, and held a grand opening party. It was a wonderful day, filled with old and new friends.

Rick, Becky and Jess were instrumental in helping me getting set up. I don’t know what I would do without them. My husband is the best. Seriously.

Now that the flurry of moving in activity is past, it’s time to make some long-range plans for the studio space. It’s adorable. Cozy and welcoming. You should come visit!

I will be expanding to regular hours and studio sessions that were a bit challenging while working out of my house. There’s terrific natural light in my new place, and I’ll be honing perfection in the two rooms where I can photograph.

the mysterious red ticket.

the mysterious red ticket.

These mysterious red tickets were included in the grand opening goodie bags. It was  a last-minute idea to intrigue those who made it out to celebrate with me. Does it make anyone wonder what you get?

You’ll have to book a session before April 19th to find out. But it’s cool little “extra” for my new studio customers. I know you’ll love it. And if you tell a friend and they mention “red ticket” when they book, I will share it with them too.

I will keep writing here to tell you about the hours and specials that I will be regularly offering in my new studio.

Thanks for taking the leap of faith with me. I surely appreciate the soft landing in the arms of my friends.