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that day when I met Trudeau…


I usually love my job. Like everyone, some days are better than others. I hardly ever have really bad days. And sometimes, I have the best day ever.

Yesterday happened to be one of those days.

This happened.


I swear I am not celebrity obsessed. OK, so maybe I like who I like, and when who I like is beautiful in his words and actions, then it is someone I can feel slightly obsessed about.

So, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I spent the afternoon and evening listening to an articulate, empathetic world leader talk about the future in a room filled with UChicago students. It was refreshing and interesting and hopeful.

And then I literally photographed and photographed and photographed him with guests at an evening reception. Everyone in the room seemed to want a photo and PM Trudeau obliged until he was basically one of the last people left in the room. He spoke to EVERYONE. He listened to EVERYONE. And it was really something to see.

I usually don’t make it a habit to get my photo taken with University guests, but as I spoke with one of his equally kind assistants, he asked if I would like a photo with him.

I hesitated for less than two seconds. And then I said, “Yes, I would really like that.”

Best. Day. Ever.