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just another day.


sunflower.Some of the best photographs happen to pop into my life when I least expect it.

I usually turn on 193rd Street from Wolf Road to head towards home, but I missed the street (probably on my cellphone!) and ended up turning on 194th. It’s not a beautiful corner, basically an overgrown empty lot on the corner, but a few spots of color caught my eye.

The sunflowers growing there were beautiful, but it wasn’t the right time of day to shoot them. It’s all about the light! I promised myself to check it out over the next day or two to see how the sunflower looked at different times of the day.

After about three stops and some weird looks from passers-by, I hit the jackpot during a late evening stop. The sky was warm, almost a shade of orange and turned this flower on, as if by a switch.

It’s always nice to get a heavy dose of beautiful on a regular day.

I really think God gets a kick out of doing that to me.


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the walgreen’s lady.

Nancy Wesolowski is Mokena's "Walgreen's Lady."

Nancy Wesolowski is Mokena’s “Walgreen’s Lady.”

Nancy Wesolowski is Mokena’s “Walgreen’s Lady.”[/caption]The New Lenox resident said she may live in that town, but Mokena feels like home.

“I remember when we opened that first day,” Wesolowski said. “A man came through the door, threw open his arms and said, ‘Welcome to Mokena.’ That’s why I love it here.”

She has worked at the cosmetics counter during her entire tenure. You may know her as the little lady with the big smile, an outgoing personality and an envelope filled with coupons behind the counter that she readily shares with her customers.

Wesolowski will be retiring on September 9 after 25 years with Walgreen’s. She previously worked at the original New Lenox Walgreen’s in the liquor department.

She can’t go many places in town without being recognized. People will see her outside her job, point and say, “There’s the Walgreen’s Lady!”

But Wesolowski doesn’t mind.

“I love being ‘The Walgreen’s Lady!'”