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will anyone ever love me the way john bearint loves me?


Our relationship began when he was merely a bump in his mommy’s belly.

Bev and Tim have become like family to me. Both incredible parents, they trusted me enough to forge a year-long relationship to capture their son’s milestones with my baby program:  sessions as a newborn, 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month-old and his one year birthday. In between those sessions, I was able to photograph baby john at his baptism and during his first moments with Santa. In between, we’ve shared moments of triumph in John’s milestones, and the trials of everyday life: job loss and sick parents.

Every single time we got together, the little guy had big smiles for me. I would squeal with delight as he charmed me every three months with his humongous grey-blue eyes, unbelievably long eyelashes and sweet personality.

“I think he’s fond of me,” I would say to Bev and Tim. Luckily, they were fond of me as well.

Baby John is one year old, and we had a bittersweet, beautiful session at Lake Katherine in Palos Park a couple of weeks ago.

I will miss these days, and so thrilled to have played a part in the Bearint story.
We will undoubtedly stay in touch, so I will see that sweet little guy now and again.


I hope he never stops smiling, especially for me.

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