2012. Word.


I get an amazing blog in my inbox every morning from photographer and business owner Andy Boudrant. Called “The Collective,” it focuses on developing your business and your sense of self through photography. He’s pretty awesome.

Today Andy challenged The Collective community to choose a word to focus on for 2012. He chose RISK, and you can read all about it by clicking the link above.

After some (very quick) consideration, here is what I wrote back to him:

Hi Andy-
I think your word for the year is terrific! Anything worth having is definitely worth the risk of obtaining it.
I am going on pure FAITH this year. I lost my full-time job as a photojournalist at the Chicago Sun-Times, and though I have been building a business for the past three years, it is now time to put faith in God that He will give me the resources I need to make my business grow its wings and fly.
I also need to have faith in myself that I will live intentionally and make choices for the good of all. To also be quiet so I can hear the nuances of life and know what direction to follow. Like risk, faith is intangible. But you know it when you feel it. Don’t you?
2012 is my year to learn what I am made of. Wish me luck.

It seems fitting that I ended the year photographing a small wedding for a couple from Parkview.

And even more so that I will be photographing another in just 2 weeks.

I can think of little else that requires more faith than a marriage. And I continue to be asked by lovely couples to be their photographer.

God does have a sense of humor.

Feel free to choose your own word for the year. Let it become your theme, your mantra, your focus.

I’ll be keeping you updated on how it’s working for me.

Thanks, Andy!


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