the accidental wedding photographer.


I don’t do weddings.


I mean it.

Except when approached by an incredibly lovely couple who referred to me by my very first photography teacher, Diane Tyska at Mother McAuley High School, who happened to be planning their daughter’s wedding because she lives in Atlanta and was getting married at home in Chicago. PHEW! You got all that?

That’s how I met Mike & Nancy Wisniewski, whose daughter Kathy is the afore-mentioned bride, and an extremely lovely person in her own right. Lovely on the inside and outside, I might add. Which made me really thankful that I said Yes to the Dress.

Kathy was marrying George (also very nice) at the Ridge Country Club in Evergreen Park. The bride’s room was the women’s locker room. Not the prettiest room for a beautiful bride. But when I took Kathy over to a window to get some portraits, her bridesmaids jumped up on the bench to look over the lockers to see what was going on. And we had a little fun.

“Oh, isn’t she so pretty!?!” “Oh! I can’t wait to be a bride!” “Oh, our little Kathy is getting married!”

The girls played along and wow! I got some great images from that locker room.

To make matters even better, I recently won a contest with this very image. My favorite photo blog, The Collective, had a contest for wedding images, I entered on a whim, and took second place.

I am still wondering how that happened.

I’ve booked more weddings since winning the contest. I have found that each couple comes with their unique story, that each ceremony will be as special and different as the next. And that I am blessed to have been approached by some really wonderful couples.

Stay tuned here for the Wrigley rooftop wedding, the high tea and croquet wedding, the downtown wedding and the wedding where the bride will be given away by her two sons, in full military dress.

I don’t do weddings; but I really can do people’s stories.

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