never gets old.


I have Page One today.

After 25 years of working at newspapers, it still warms my heart to see a day’s work sent out into the world.

Some Page Ones have been more memorable than others. Two indicted ex-governors. A new Chicago Mayor. A firefighter’s children at his funeral. Tornado-ravaged Utica. My first Page One was a great image of a guy leaping over a giant puddle when the Loop flooded in 2000.

Today’s Page One, like all of them, is special for several reasons. First, I’ll remember this summer working with our fearless intern, Ariel Cheung. We have worked together a whole lot and have managed to become friends. At this assignment, we had a lot of fun running around, surveying damage at Grant Park, even after security told us we couldn’t. We got to climb up and see the view from the rooftop of a Michigan Avenue building… a pretty rare opportunity and a direct result of a relationship I established with someone on previous assignments. That makes me feel good.

I even suggested the headline that was used. Very cool.

Conventional wisdom predicts “paper” news will die sooner than later. I will miss seeing my hard work beaming up at me from my driveway, and hearing from friends and family who tell me they saw it too. The Internet is fleeting; tangible evidence of a job well done lasts only seconds. On paper, it can last a lifetime.

I treasure every one of them.

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