meeting the osteens.


Reporter Ariel Cheung and I met Victoria and Joel Osteen at U.S. Cellular Field (Comiskey Park) on Tuesday. Her story and the photos are online at

I don’t regularly listen to or view the Osteen’s broadcasts. But I have read about the incredible growth of their Houston ministry. And how they are often criticized for being “too positive.”

Really. Too positive?

They are, without a doubt, a beautiful couple. Married for 25 years, which immediately  makes me admire them. And they are NICE. Not icky-nice. Genuine, heartfelt nice. I’ve been around enough people in this job to feel what is real and what is not. They are for real.

I love that they are getting out there, letting people know that everything will be OK. That life is hard, indeed, but also worthwhile. That  difficult times will pass and things will get better. That you can rise above it all, and be all you are created to be.

And how does all that happen? The Osteens don’t have a magic wand they wave around.

They stand firm on God’s promise, and back themselves up with God’s word.

And that is pretty powerful stuff.

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