cutest. family. ever.


Mrs. Janes is a teacher at my daughter’s school. My girls have never been her students, but she has worked with student council and is known as one of the many “really nice teachers” we have in our district.

Mrs. Janes won a session gift certificate at the Rogers Towing charity auto show I took part in last January. It was an event sponsored by a school family; a first time event to raise funds for special rec and it was pretty awesome.

As a mom of two young kids, it took a while for Mrs. Janes to book the session, but it was well worth the wait. We scheduled for one of my favorite local shooting venues, Hickory Creek Forest Preserve.

Despite a little humidity and two young kids, we pulled off a great session in the woods. The kids stayed focused on all the textures, sounds and smells around them, and we kept it light-hearted and fun. We avoided scraped knees, unfortunate falls from the tree trunks and any tears from cropping up.

It’s no wonder Mrs. Janes is known as one of the “really nice teachers.” Her family was incredible, and we had a lot of fun exploring the woods together.

I try to take part in community charity events as often as I can. I believe in sharing my blessings with others on a regular basis, especially with my friends and neighbors who unequivocally support my business.

Meeting with the Janes family, I know those blessings came back 10-fold.

To see a few more images from the Janes family session, please visit my facebook page for a short video!

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  1. Mrs. Janes is a Great teacher, and knows how to have fun yet keep things serious! Hannah Loved being in her class last year, and as a parent I enjoyed the great plays her class put on! She is an inspiration to those lives she touches, and you can see that in her family as well.

    Jen O’Dell :0)


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