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this is jake and his best friend, buddy. i love dogs. sometimes more than people! so when jake’s     awesome mom, jackie, asked if buddy could come to the session with them, i was thrilled! jake also loves music and recently started playing his guitars acoustic and electric – again. He played some great songs while we shot his session. he likes some of the same music I do, which is really a refreshing break from the crap – er, fine music – that my daughters favor on B96 all day, every day.

I have realized that most senior boys end up in my studio because it makes mom really, really happy. once there, they either love the rock star treatment, or they make mom take them out for ice cream afterward, as their reward for being patient enough to get great photos from their session. it’s funny, you know, that even when the “boy” is 6-foot tall and over 200 pounds, they still are little boys at heart. isn’t that the truth with all guys?

jackie was a huge help, especially with buddy. She moved from one side to the other of the bench, calling buddy with treats in hand, so we could get some cool artsy photos with both her “kids.” we were also lucky enough to get a few lovely images of her and jake together. it is indeed a rare opportunity when a teenage boy puts his arms around mom for a photo!

it was a perfect day with jackie, jake and buddy. Always honored when a family invites me into their world for a few hours;  and we always part as friends!

to see more images from jake’s senior session, check them out on my facebook fan page:

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more spirit of the soul stories will be coming soon!


I did a wonderful impromptu session with my friend Kim a few weeks ago. She was kind enough to allow me to stay at her home while I was shooting back-to-back jobs with her and Linda Martin’s company, Cache Connections.

I have enjoyed a working relationship and friendship with these lovely women for over three years. They are matchmakers, and take great joy in introducing Christian singles through Cache.

Kim became a grandma for the first time this past year. And Parker, her grandson, is the joy of Kim’s life! She asked if I would do a session with them, and I happily agreed. What could be better than photos of a smiling baby and an ecstatic grandma?

As it turned out… nothing!

The photos came easy: Parker is an especially happy baby, with a wonderful personality. He is nine months old, the perfect age for baby photography. He is able to sit up, and his expressions come steadily as he interacts with his family.

The last time I photographed Parker, he was still in his mom’s belly. So to see this bundle of fun was especially rewarding. Watching him interact with Kim and Grandpa Ed, and documenting the very special relationship they share, was priceless.
Time moves too quickly. And seeing Kim and Ed enjoy Parker reminded me of the uniqueness of the grandparent-grandchild relationship. It was time well spent.

I am especially honored to have been invited to record several generations of the Whitaker family.

Thanks Kim!!!





I had a blog I used specifically for therapeutic reasons in 2008-09. It was a good blog; I enjoyed writing it and my friends enjoyed reading it. It joined my experience with spirituality with everyday life and a sprinkling of photography.

But as it usually is, my day is too short to do all the things I want to do. Or need to do. So I am moving to WordPress to try a photographically inclined blog. And I am glad you are here.

I plan on showing off images that I particularly like and talking about my methods of madness in my photography and my business and my life. Which are inherently intertwined. But by choice. My choice.

So, welcome to the blog. In the days and weeks ahead, I hope you will visit. Your voice matters to me, so drop a comment when you can and have time.
I promise to do the same.

i’m trying this again.